Kidney & Urinary Problems


A person can have damaged blood vesicles or congestion with blockage in the kidneys without realizing it. As layer upon layer are formed, kidney stones get larger and larger until they finally produce symptoms. People who are especially at risk are those who take antibiotics for UTI’s since antibiotics simply kill bacteria, but do not remove their old residues and mucous strands on which kidney stones form.

Herbal treatments fight infection and clear out congestion to avoid kidney stone accumulation and kidney disease. As needed, these herbal products together will provide the following actions:

  • Stimulating to renal tissue
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Soothing to urinary tract tissue
  • Anti-nephrotoxic
  • Antiseptic (infection killing)
  • Diuretic (water removing)
  • Anti-lithic (stone breaking, if needed)

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