Muscle & Joint Problems


How would you like to decrease your chances of strains and sprains, decrease your pain and inflammation and reduce your need for pain-killers ? Natural Ayurvedic recommendations address these and more by addressing the root causes of your pain. Even conditions with no ‘cure’, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, can benefit, naturally! By working with the whole person, these recommendations can help you have less pain and a better quality of life, naturally! We don’t treat diseases; we treat you.

Natural Herbal therapies are very effective in easing muscle tension, correcting  imbalances, relieving discomfort, and averting long-term pain problems by improving muscle strength and joint stability. There are various disorders that can be managed by Herbal Medicines like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Back pain, Heel pain and many more.

Our Ayurvedic doctor may recommend Natural Herbal remedies, Yoga or other Detox/ Ayurvedic therapies that will help to heal your Joint and Muscle problems in a timely manner based on the findings during your intake and physical exam. Herbs that have the actions of being relaxants, antispasmodics, anti-inflammatory and analgesic are usually used in the form of tablets, capsules or liquids, which are taken orally or combined in salves creams with various medicated herbal oils for a topical treatment for acute conditions.

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