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Conditions Treating

Some of the Conditions we regularly treat at our Clinic are :

Alternative Naturopathic Herbal Treatments are very effective in following Conditions :

Adrenal Fatigue SyndromeAnaemiaADHD, ASD- AutismAsthmaArthritisAcneAnxiety/ DepressionAnal FissureAnorexia NervosaBipolar DisorderBursitis, Back painBronchitisCeliac disease/ Gluten allergyCandida/Yeast infectionCarpal Tunnel SyndromeChildren HealthCancer supportConstipationCervical SpondylosisDementia and AlzheimerRingworm and TineaDry Eyes SyndromeDiabetes MellitusEndometriosisEpilepsy Seizureserectile DysfunctionEczemaFrozen shoulderFreckles, Melasma and Hyper pigmentationFibromyalgiaFatty Liver problemsGlaucomaGlandular Fever EBVGoutH. PyloriHigh Blood Pressure (Hypertension)Hey Fever AllergiesHeel painHemorrhoids PilesHair loss AlopeciaInsomnia, InfertilityIBS, Kidney Failure ARF/CRFKidney stonesLoss of LibidoLactation problems, Lyme diseaseLichen PlanusLiver problemsMotor Neuron Disease MNDMenopauseMacular Degeneration, Multiple Sclerosis MSMigraineMenstrual problemsNephrotic SyndromeOsteoporosisOsteoarthritisProstate enlargement BPHParkinson's DiseasePost herpetic neuralgiaPsoriasis, Polycystic ovaries PCOS/PCODRestless leg syndromeReflux Hyperacidity gut issuesSlipped DiscSperm problemsSexual problemsSystemic Lupus Erythematosus SLESciaticaSinusitisTics and Tourette SyndromeTrigeminal NeuralgiaTinnitusTonsillitusThyroid problemsUlcerative colitis and Chrohn's diseaseUTI, Vertigo and DizzinessVitiligo and LeucodermaVaricose veinsObesityand many more

About Us

Naturopaths in Adelaide, South Australia use an Alternative health practice to prevent and treat illness in a Holistic way. Natural Herbal therapies are used in Ayurvedic System of Medicine which uses a range of treatments including Dietary lifestyle changes, Herbal medicines (in form of capsules/ tablets, oils/ ghee, liquids/ wines and powders/ jams), Acupuncture (practised by some practitioners), Massage (using medicated oil/ herbal powders), Meditation, Breathing exercises,Panchkarma Detoxification therapies,Sound therapy (including the use of mantras), Yoga, etc with major emphasis is placed on health promotion, chronic disease prevention and in the treatment of diseases for which the conventional medical system has been of limited or no assistance. Certified organic products are used. Life Line Ayurvedic Herbal Clinic, is a leading Natural Herbal Clinic based ...
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Sandeep Kumar

Diploma in Naturopathy

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery 


Anupam Vasudeva

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery 

Diagnostics test

Diagnostics test

Sometimes it may be necessary to recommend specialised pathology testing to help further investigate the underlying cause of various health problems . These specialised tests known as functional pathology tests can help provide more information about digestive function, hormone balance, and metabolic needs. They can be used to help develop the most effective treatment plan to improve your health issues. The samples used are from either blood, saliva or urine.

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